Parliament of Owls 80×60 CM Oil on Wood

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of wise ones and of fools,

the hagglers and the stragglers,

and the tigers and the mules.

Some booing and some cheering,

some laughing and then cheering,

with criticisms searing

the feathered ass they€™re fearing!

Stretch out accusing finger,

hide face or knowing linger,

red, yellow, blue or ginger (?),

it’s the song €˜n€™ not the singer.

Eyes left or right or centre,

feathers flying in the chamber,

worms freeze before the danger,

beaks pounce upon the manger.

When the fiddling strings the fiddler

and the warm kilt€™s out of kilter,

then the honest and the diddler

join hands to spurn the jilter.

The MPs and the voters,

the quoted and the quoters

economy of stoaters

the sinking and the floaters.

Long live Democracy,

Gave us truth and fallacy

The goals or just the fouls

The Parliament of Owls.

Mark Shepherd 20.11.11 (on a Sunday)