Michael McVeigh is a widely recognised Edinburgh-based artist whose paintings identify strongly with Scotland, its people and Scottish culture.

Michael McVeigh – Artist

His paintings and prints depict everyday life in Scotland and the Scottish people, but when infused with his own personal perceptions, take on a dreamlike quality, and are abundant with poetic imagery.

Working largely from his imagination, the subject of each piece, though rooted in reality, blossoms and grows into something fantastical and full of feeling.

Many of the scenes depicted in his work are set in Edinburgh closes, the historical town of St. Andrews and small Scottish fishing villages and harbours. Fishermen and Scottish folk musicians are a favourite subject as well as the Edinburgh Arts Festival, the Edinburgh Tattoo and Scotland’s New Year celebrations at Hogmanay.

Photo: Mcveigh sells his prints on Saturdays corner of hanover street and Rose Street, Edinburgh.

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